Grow Your Business With Our Video Streaming Platform

Our Video streaming platform is useful for the digital content creators to provide their audiences with SD-480P, HD-720p, Full HD-1080p or UHD-4K video quality. This platform also has offline viewing, and social sharing features making it possible for content creators to stream on-demand videos flawlessly using a global CDN, Amazon CloudFront.

LIVE Streaming
LIVE Streaming

Stream live with low latency to upgrade the video viewing experience through interactive streaming.


Multi-screen delivery with secured video streaming backed by Multi-DRM technologies.


Control the on-demand video streaming quality through transcoding and Global CDN.

Ads Monetization
Ads Monetization

Monetize viewership by building monetization modules, including AVOD, SVOD & TVOD.

Key Features of Video Streaming Platform

Stream videos flawlessly using Amazon CloudFront and AWS Elemental MediaConvert with multi-format support, offline downloads, and protected access.


We Bring To You

  • Offline playback to watch videos without the internet.
  • Deliver videos in both SD and HD video quality.
  • Simplified video CMS to store and manage content.
  • Bulk upload videos with the drag & drop feature.

Some Key Features of VideoCrypt’s Video Streaming Platform

100% Customization100% Customization

Our video streaming platform offers flexibility to customize it according to business-specific requirements to increase brand awareness and maximize profits. It includes choosing the customizable video player features with custom logos of a business.

Cloud Video Hosting
Cloud Video Hosting

Store, manage and deliver your video content over the internet with a cloud-based infrastructure and give a next-level experience to audiences around the world using this reliable, scalable, and cost-effective platform.

Live StreamingBulk Import & Export

Import & export your video content in bulk with the intuitive drag-and-drop feature to select large media files and seamlessly upload them to the streaming platform of your choice.

Use HTML5 PlayerUse HTML5 Player

Our HTML5 Video player guarantees complete compatibility with modern devices and enables seamless video playback. This video playback can ensure full compatibility of our video streaming platform with Android or iOS operating systems.

Powerful Global CDNPowerful Global CDN

Broadcast your videos easily worldwide with ultra-low latency through our video streaming platform powered by Amazon CloudFront (Global CDN). It enables fast data transfer, providing a faster loading time & content protection.

Video Streaming SecurityVideo Streaming Security

Protect your videos from unauthorized access with a multi-DRM solution and token-based authorization, which prevents illegal copying or content distribution. Discourage anyone to take a screenshot of your content using visible watermarking.

Why Choose VideoCrypt’s Video Streaming Platform?

Reach & Engage customers with live streaming and VOD content by unlocking a whole new dimension of video viewing. Use an HTML5 video player to take the streaming business to the next level with our white-label video streaming platform. With this, you can control video quality using the AWS Elemental MediaLive and deliver it globally with Amazon CloudFront (Global CDN). In addition, use Amazon IVS to create collaborative live streaming by providing a lean-forward experience.