ITES (Vensysco Technologies, GIS, ERP)

(Embracing Authenticity reveals our unrivaled essence).

ITES (Vensysco Technologies, GIS, ERP)


Redefining ITES with GIS and ERP Excellence!

At Vensysco, we offer a unique blend of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) integrated with cutting-edge Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Our approach combines technology and human expertise, empowering businesses with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to their specific needs.

Sales & Marketing


Embrace efficiency and growth as we optimize your operations with IT-enabled services. From customer support to data management, we elevate your business to new heights.

Operations & Finance


Unleash the power of location intelligence with our advanced GIS solutions. From spatial analysis to real-time mapping, gain valuable insights that drive better decision-making.



Streamline your business processes with our seamless ERP system. From finance to supply chain management, achieve integration and improved productivity.

Experience the Vensysco difference, where innovation and human touch converge to unlock your business's full potential.

Join us on this transformative journey toward excellence