Frisking Solutions

(Embrace Futuristic Security).

Frisking Solutions

Frisking Solutions

Our cutting-edge Frisking Solutions propel security into the future. Our cutting-edge technologies include HHMD (Handheld Metal Detection) and DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detection), which are revolutionising security and boosting safety in a variety of scenarios. We redefine what it means to safeguard the safety of persons and properties by committing to offering top-tier security measures.

Handheld Metal Detection

HHMD (Handheld Metal Detection)

Precision in Your Palm

Introducing HHMD, a handheld marvel that adds a touch of precision and portability to security checks. Designed for adaptability and precision, HHMD enables security professionals to easily and efficiently detect metal items. From public gatherings to corporate buildings, our HHMD technology ensures that concealed metallic items do not go unnoticed, upholding safety without disrupting the flow of activities.

Door Frame Metal Detection

DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detection)

The Key to Safer Spaces

Pass via our DFMD technology, which converts entrances into secure passageways. Our Door Frame Metal Detection device detects metal items on people without causing discomfort or delays. DFMD serves as the first line of defence, ensuring that possible threats are discovered before they enter the premises, from airports to government institutions.