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Uncompromising Security with Vensysco's Surveillance Service!

Together, let's build a safer and more secure future for you and your loved ones.

CCTV Surveillance Solution:

At Vensysco Infra, safety is our priority, and our Surveillance Service sets new standards for protection. Our cutting-edge solutions provide a watchful eye over your premises, ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding what matters most.

Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge CCTV surveillance. Introducing Vensysco's innovative CCTV solution, a game-changer in combating malpractices during exam sessions. With us, you'll walk with confidence, knowing that your safety is enhanced and fairness is prioritized. Step into a new era of unmatched clarity and protection.

Sales & Marketing


CCTV footage is discreetly recorded during the examination session, serving as a deterrent against cheating tactics. Beyond prevention, the recorded surveillance data becomes a valuable resource, enabling our clients to address concerns and uphold fairness.

Operations & Finance


Empowering exam security, our live centralised control room ensures constant vigilance over exam centers. Clients gain access to both real-time and recorded data, essential for crucial competitive exams. With sight and audio control, we stand firm against all exam malpractices.

Experience unparalleled security with Vensysco's Surveillance Service.

Join us in the pursuit of uncompromising safety and protection!